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which we sometimes find among women after child-birth. The woman

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vinegar, 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar, 2 teacupfuls of milk, (boiling).

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except in the case of the wealthy, or, indeed, to subsist at all in country places.

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But when a labor that would last, say, twelve hours without

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Dr. Douglas Heath said he did not concur in the diagnosis of lichen

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the same way as in malaria, by showing a greater activity only towards

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The plans illustrated the various systems which might

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sacculation of the mucous membrane to occur at the sjte of injury.

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latter there were scattered areas of degeneration in the white sub-

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of the induction of labor compare most favorably with those of Caesarean

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patients, three infants, growing finely on the solidified milk exclusively, and

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prise, he was still wearing the appliance with no incon-

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gion was noticeably checked by the widespread restrictions placed

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such relief, and, on the other hand, an unfortunate man who,

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To combat the vomiting of glairy matter, which was the predomi-

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tions over any long period of time before arriving at a definite diagnosis.

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may be of all grades, from slight irregularities in the order of the

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warehouses to counteract it. The dampness however, of itself,

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horses which are subject to the pressure of a collar —

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educational course. The author being the examiner in the subject to the nursing proba-

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If a patient can afford a dollar and cannot afford more, is it not

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80 ; and, for one, we admire the disposition and taste

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the craving for opium or cocaine and their allies, has been only

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drill or doe-skin, which can be laced more or less tightly at pleasure ;

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destroy adults or nits. Simultaneous attention must be paid

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sacrum, already cited, is an illustration of this. For

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study of them, although the need of their proper classifi-

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These reasons above all others have been the means of forcing

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diately before operating, the bladder is emptied by an assistant,

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be clad with flesh borrowed from the tenants of many stalls and pas-

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foreign born persons constitute 27.13 per cent, of the

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