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Furthermore, they do not attribute the symptoms observed

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and two years, more often among the children of the wealthier

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details of cases, exemplyfying in some degree their therapeutic action. —

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published cases and Mr. Golding-Bu"d and I have brought two others before

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has treated fifteen cases in this way with the most satisfactory

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thrown up the relief is very partial, but it is greater

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Prospector Square Conference Center, Park City. Tues-Sat 16 hrs. $350.

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the comparatively unfavourable results of high forceps as compared with

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the diaphragm, which I have occasionally observed in chronic

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stant supervision. This could be managed in the metabolism ward, but not in

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Hepatic abscesses were at one time often treated with a

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amount of the discharge is proportionate to the extent of the abscess-cavity,

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tom leaves begin to wilt and the top ones to turn a dark green, they

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tion and training of children, Communism shows signs of failure. We take

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necessary to try and determine when and how the infection takes

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No doubt the matter presents a more difficult phase

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muscles being almost paralyzed by the strain they had borne;

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that it is exhausted and disappears before it reaches our

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to the use of so potent a drug for a tender in&nt, few

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it to be a blood-clot containing principally red cells, lymphocytes, and

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led him into difficulties, and he died in obscurity.

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by sudden checking of the urine or perspiration, by the poison of

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mary. From extended study I doubt if any of these cases are really

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made of pure rubber, with a coil spring moulded or imbedded in the stem, which gives it rigidity enough to

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Aconite. When large quantities of Aconite have been

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ginning of treatment ; and is still to persevere with it. Has become quite stout.

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25. Root of Ahroma Augustum in Dysmenorrhoea. — Dr. Bhoobun Mohun

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supply us with registrations of temperature, which will enable

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first stimulated by the paper and demonstration on soemnoforme,

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