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repute all would appear to promise better results than the

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Provident Life and Trust, Philadelphia, Pa. — Women ac-

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speedy subsidence of all symptoms and ultimate recovery would seem to

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unhealthy wounds and ulcers. Many form chemical com-

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rubber to show when it may be expected to have reached



lewski (1901), and especially Councilman (1903) and his fellow-workers,

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approaches or exceeds the limit we have fixed in our mind,

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ficial and involve only the mucosa, or extend into the submucosa. As a rule

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large strong bones, a placid-working brain, a dominant will

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defective administration. The patience with which, in various parts of the

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patients may regain consciousness and gradually improve but the last thing

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currence; and, while paralysis should diminish the value of

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tions completely in the van of his generation, lives

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The changes which occur in the tissues about the infective material are

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uvula. They consist chiefly in superficial loss of substance with deep necrosis

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Onset. — ^The onset of rheumatism, especially in childhood, differs widely

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tial oils, more or less diluted, spirit of camphor, etc., upon the skin. Exper-

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In the eighteenth century there were numerous observers who noted many

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Tvhich is the most accurate method. While this mode of

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the diet should be restricted to liquids given in definite amounts at stated

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by reflex stimulation of the heart by the cold, and local dila-

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to the age. After fifteen years there seems to be an acquired immunity which

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dangers of dried tuberculous sputum. In 1897 Fliigge began a series of