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usually the safer course. It may be advisable to pack gauze about the gall

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etc. It is this which makes the occurrence of a chill during the course always

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resolution, migratory and recurrent pneumonias. The first-named condition

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best described in the words of St. Paul, ' in journey-

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induration of the lung, or occasionally, fibrosis of the lung. Under such

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occurs the child generally lives if not too immature. Infants are apparently

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Season. — As a rule the disease shows a fairly uniform relation to the

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is well marked and the smallpox mild with the pustules in full flower. The

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during the night, but there is no general rule and this point must be governed

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reported by Andre, Robinson, and others, but experience with jNIarmorek's

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to use. Five times the lethal dose of a dysentery bacillus culture (0.4 mgr.

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isms the bacteria are the most important so far as concerns the infectious

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lasting a variable number of hours, and terminating suddenly by a rise to the

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helpful, their effect is in no way to be compared to that which follows hydro-

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to the medical directors in the matter of a selection of chief