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negative value in arriving at a diagnosis, and little value in
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/* The reflected point is worse than the second-highest, so look for an
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Vernon, N. Y., December 8, aged 51 years. — Dr. William P.
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phthisis with brain symptoms and paralysis, — Dr. Goltdammer (" Kasinstische
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uretbrotom)', pass the retention catheter without com-
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possessing mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue, since nodal
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Microscopically, the internal organs show numerous small foci of inflamma-
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but little information in regard to their immediate
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a lesion in the superior cerebellar peduncle, or the red nucleus, or the optic
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There can be no possible objection to furnishing females with physiolo-
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part of the book devoted to bandaging, with its well defined
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in all, were very similar to those in town, though of a
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since a greater proportion of blood is necessary for the continuance of
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1895, cxxviii, 293-308. — Barnett (L. E.) A note on the
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into nature's mysteries may often elicit truths which have escaped
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The condition occurred most frequently in adults from twenty
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Malaria also furnishes striking examples of latency in the infected host.
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strong suggestions in this regard. The tractors were
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elevating it two, three, or more degrees above its normal stand-
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Times and Gazette of February 23rd, dated from Philadel-
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Bohemian, was little, if any, less famous. In 1839 he
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cord was a cause of tedious labour, but in Dr Young's case it did
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30,100, there were 91 per cent polymorphonuclear cells,
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Examination of the teeth must not be neglected. It must never be
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folds of mucous membrane. The uterine cavity contained
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peritoneum and lower extremities. His death was expected hourly, and there
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ance in its tissues, and especially in the fluid axoplasm of its
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and his method, but unfortunately for their reputation, or
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Figures 2 and 3, from Cases 5 and 4, illustrate well the type of
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but the growth will not take place until the normal op-
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The increase m frequency as age increases of typhoid
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swollen, and the nostrils always filled by a thin secretion. Tliis swdl-
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with the urologist that these infections can be solved.
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The disease observes no apparent order in its progress, often lasting foi
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of many cases that I feel .could have been saved and