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assistance. Cases were excluded if chelation was pre-

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of an aching tooth, is said to afford immediate relief.

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It may become very rapid, 140 or over, and then it is usually small and run-

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wake suppuration, abscess formation, and general septic infection;

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is the upshot of the whole ? Thompsonianism has ceased to exist. Hy-

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extreme rarity. — The Weekly Medical Review, March 21, 1891,

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touched his head ; then took a clean towel and wiped

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contractions, it is probable, from a consideration of the results of stimula-

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398. Fried Eggs (with Black Butter)— Ingredients— Butter,

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The bistoury must be guarded to near the tip. Schmitz,f quoted

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any circulation of fresh air. In a few minutes every prisoner fell into a pro-

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to the seventh cervical process, 4 in. ; from the seventh cervical process

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constitutional affections; appearing on the labia, perineum, and

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happens that one part of a crystal is far more deeply tinged with colouring matter than

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weight was 11 stones 13 lbs., and the only remaining trace of illness

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For a time the dejecta consisted almost entirely of a viscid

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a day or two things began to improve under carbolic oil dress-

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latter seem as if composed of highly refractive granules, which Koch com-

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the same, that one could pass into another and that

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forni of their country (and Colonel Iloff has given nearly half a c<Mitury)

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freed from most of the clots, it still weighs 2 lb. 1^ ozs. It was taken

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Jones, Ll. J., and A Bassett Jones. Pensions and the Principles of their Evaluation.

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failure. Plants were transplanted to a more favorable and

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swelling of the joints, they are not the only ones that give evidence of

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The total of deaths, according to the post returns, is 13, viz : 3 offi-

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and thereby develope, however slightly, some degree of bronchial

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if the affected part is rather swollen a plaster of

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for the author' s account of it leaves much to be wished for.

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history of an ordinary attack of nephritic colic, one