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A letter from Dr. J. G. F. Holston, of Ohio, Chairman of the Special
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logical Committee, but he wished first of all to make further sections and to
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tributed to this department of Medical practice. It was as essential in the
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name ; ' bombus,' or ' bombardus,' being Latin for the blast of a trumpet.
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An alkaline hypochlorite solution has been put on the market as an eflticient
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statistics of the city, upon which, of course, the Sanitary Associa-
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tofore our deductions were based upon clinical symptoms and
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termination of the case, in many instances by cerebral effusion ; if,
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failed in its object, or has itself been the cause of those inflammatory or
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to aid drainage, overcome shock and aid elimination. The writer
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Nero, commencing a. d. 54. In the latter days of the pagan empire, some
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and commercial. The whole atmosphere is instinct with the " cure "
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3d. It is so palatable that many Physicians administer it to delicate patients as
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1806 a. — Observation de pathologie comparee sur des vers trouves dans le coeur
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number of delinquencies that are not pleasing to relate, and if my
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duces is that whereby candidates in the professional examinations
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its usual stimulating effects; but the arterial blood becomes
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development. Cheese factories having been in operation in the State
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incisors; at nine, cups leave the corner incisors. At this age
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deed any merit can be attached to mere words, irrespective
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ion was made through the lacerated tissues, exposing the periosteum,
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it. This list does not, speaking strictly, include the
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generally arises when, from any circumstance, the fibrin coagulates
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'our it over hot ; in two days it will be fit to eat.
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claimed by certain observers that pulmonary systolic
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•3493 Ray, I. Treatise on the medical jurisprudence of in-
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mania, or it may be given to relieve irritation and insomnia.