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gangrene is of the moist variety. (5) A group of cases with gangrene occur-

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BASSETT, Elton J., Cedar St., Taunton — 1869 — 8 to 9; 2 to 4.

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If the sinus surfaces are not all touched by the rod, pus will still form.

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saved, and the disease entirely eradicated or prevented on

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activity being then at his highest state of development, a fact

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subject to the handbooks of pathological anatomy and to Vir-

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basis of efficiency, and, accordingly, it is in the interests not only

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Mr. Horsley remarked that in the course of what he had to

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disease in the period of eight years, amongst the troops, including the

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ics. Assistance is available in establishing a practice.

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the French, British, and American surgeons who took part in

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225 Sheridan Road Medical Director Phone Winnetka 211

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A Pharmacopeia is an official list of drugs and their preparation

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the clothing through which it escaped there will be found a simple

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medical information to the printed report^ which will be

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through moisture they might adhere slightly to each

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exists a real menace to the community in connection with the sale of

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related a case in which excessive lowering ^f temperature was observed, after

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that the examination shall be of an ' elementary and

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The main object of this brief communication is, to make some

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of this subject. These cysts are comparatively rare, and it would

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symptoms as due to the imperfect excretion of biliverdin, quite

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lier, in France — touching the cure of wounds by the

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plates of B mother-of-pearl lustre, representing an elongated rectan-

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