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Medicinally we treat the symptoms on their merits as they

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Mass. Char. Eye and Ear Inf. Asst. Ophthal. Surg. Carney

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loss of blood, and the state of syncope is always one of danger, whilst repeti-

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The troops engaged in combat are accompanied by medical officers

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exposed directly for twenty hours to the gas were sterile, those placed in the

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be at stated times. During the first month, nurse the child about every

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and from the recommendations as to its culture by horticul-

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brain disturbance in the first instance, and that by their influ-

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the absence of, hum an dissection. This very impor-

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done by not lying down at all, but resolutely keeping on the

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those years there was also evidence on the part of the larger

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mittee on Admissions. A leave of absence for a period up to one

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usual, the progress of medical science throughout the world for the preceding

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chronic gastritis ; that, due to the achlorhydria, the bacterial flora was

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therefore, disappears from the blood, while passing through these or-

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some cases the os uteri alone still remains in place, {i. e., uninverted,)

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pone in a proper, legitimate manner. It is dangerous to life, as well as to the

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treatment with salicylate of sodium in a way which is almost magical; but

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Examination of the wound will reveal the following picture:

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placed in a basin of warm water ready for use. We now

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must be well rubbed by the assistant, while water of the same temperature as

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eczema — atonic gout, in fact Some of these women become very

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fallopian tubes into the cavity of the uterus. While this work of

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one of them. By producing the disease in this way, a

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The stimulating action, a more remote effect, which takes place not on the

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Island, N. Y., for examination to determine fitness for promotion

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Intyre). In Oxford at this time, unfortunately, the-

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tion. He summed up as follows : There are invariably

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of Lucretius and in other ancient classical writers,

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Urine was negative for protein and reflexes were normal. The

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with, and using caution in the first approaches to the patient's

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foreign born persons constitute 27.13 per cent, of the

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again. It is just as essential to its extermination that my

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1872 ; Sir George Burrows, 1874 ; Sir Spencer Wells, 1883 ;