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in swine and sheep -is comparatively small. Irritant
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ing and calomel an infallible remedy in fevers, had.
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particularly after death, it is coiled up into a sort
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volved in the operation before the members of my class, going
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when klipperty boom bang! the door flew off its hinges. A gang of wild-eyed fight "fans" rushed by me,
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frequently modified that explanation which fits in best
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tendon reactions in lower, perhaps amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ; F 42 (Maiy
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the doctor himself to have a thorough training in hygiene.
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the author always expresses the placenta by compressing the uterus by
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from his defining the essential in terms of the non-essential and
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cases of this sort an injection of ether quickly decides the question.
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3. The neurotic causes are divided into three classes^ viz.:
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perhaps peculiar featiires, they obviously lead to the forma-
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periment on kittens. Two drops of the portion remaining in the bottle
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of the Chairman, Dr. John P. Garrisr, Xb. 40 Weet 2] at
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testimony in proof of the strictly local origin of diphtheria, for
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and the fleam being retained in the left hand, the unemployed
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Nitrous oxide gas and ether in mixture is now largely em-
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and gravity-exhaust, such as was found so satisfactory by the Xew
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that they present a slight color. Never since my attention was
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disease ; those, for example, whose bodily health is diminished by worry
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an abscess in the perineum. The catheter was then passed once a
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essential feature in the history of beriberi, although at one time or another
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of these sources of error and the double localisation involved, plates are
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Tiolence which has been inflicted on the joint^ also demand
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side, so as to prevent the contact of the urine to the wound.
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patron William Hunter, who early recommended him as medical
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sidered as a spasmodic affection of several muscles
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whose work is ended, and to deplore the loss which the science of medi-