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Feeding for Babies," Dr. May Austen ; "Protecting Baby from Con-
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This was undertaken with the idea that by forestall-
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severe dyspnoea and some difficulty in swallowing. Under these circumstances
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These Provincial Committees should have sub-committees whose
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effect can be produced. The following instance may suffice: —
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citement; and by precluding reiterated inflammations of the mucous membrane,
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result of obvious disease. It is not indeed directly due to disease that
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piece of the root in tho mouth and chew it like tobacco,
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Manson, 4 the mortality from dysentery among Europeans in India ranges
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amount needed to cause toxic symptoms is a little less
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Icelanders, are in keeping with the ratio of dogs to man in Iceland, viz .
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spondency ; she never had any lively, self-supporting, instinc-
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that a relapse should speedily ensue, and that, after undergoing