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you are gaining weight, avoid fats and sugars; (9) if

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nonprotein nitrogen was 64 mg. per 100 cc., and the

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Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1898; aged 78; died

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Cumberland ... Edward S. Kronenberg, Jr., Carlisle Creedin S. Fickel, Carlisle

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quirement of Man, Proc. Staff Meet., Mayo Clin., 16: 433, 1941.

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The curative, treatment adopted by M. Polli is given in the fol-

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mustard poultices, barley water, and syrup of mulberries ; in-

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She needs her “war paint”; it bolsters her morale.

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Produced by Sulfathiazole, J. A. M. A., 119: 770-776, July 4,

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Winthrop contracted with Merck & Co., Inc., to manu-

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infection of the urinary tract in most cases runs a

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