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column of water flowing freely in a tube carries with it air and

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fibrinous clot from four to five centimeters in length, of a pink

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racks, N. Y., to Manila, was recently presented with a

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pulse, vomiting of contents of stomach, followed by bilious

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was normal. In this case the exact course of the secretion

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perfect cure ; the patient soon after had married, and

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modifications. In the next chapter the development of the organs

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in giving the evidence in favour of the first two propositions.

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their performance of certain ceremonies, by which they are to have their

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slight fever, sweats, neuralgia, dyspepsia, diarrhoea alba, long after the

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thin ; in one eye only the main branches of the arteries to be seen as fine

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labor made necessary by the disease. This duty involves two

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tlie shoath of the rectus muscle were incised, the wound was sponged,

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of the works that it publishes, the Index is issued as bulletin No.

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The Department maintains that the study of disease include both structure and function and is

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stream of ancient learning culminated in the wisdom of King

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forced up, the circular muscles of the oesophagus dilate and the longi-

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phragm, its depth by the elevation of the ribs, and its breadth

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iiiiiiiiiiiiiMimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiimiiiiiiiMiiiiil / 1 I I f J

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Disease, and Insanity from others ; demonstrated by Delineations of the

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with rupture into the broad . ligament, was made ; laparotomy revealed an

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they have also discovered many new and valuable remedies ;

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ing it by the head. In his Clinical and Pathogenic Observations in India,

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Corriel. and Ranvier, the writer in the "Nouveau Die-

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forms of dressings ; it absorbs twelve times its own weight of

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gravity, 1014. On the 19th, I was called to see her immedi-

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The broad range of subjects, and the techniques that are

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in diameter twelve inches, and in circumference three feet. By a ho-

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advance in electrical science, in chemical science, in bac-

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sciousness, that one can not but hesitate at any trifling or ignorant,

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the glandular action is produced, while, before the section of the nerve,

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sent, I propose only to speak of those dyspeptic affections which are

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girl, set. sixteen, with complete prolapsus of the uterus. Had

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scalp. An ounce and a half of bloody serum, mixed with portions of cerebrum,

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50; Edwards, C. L., 80; Entler, G. F., 364; Evans, J., 344; Fulton,

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and head movements were met with in adults in whom the condition was

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