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inches from the internal border of the tibia and expose the artery.

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By J. Lewis Smith, M.D., Consulting Physician to New York Infant

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mother's illness, were taken down with apparently the same form of

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one on each side of his Imperial Majesty. (.See .Mark x :

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one-half of each chromosome and therefore contains the same

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of imported meats and make a comparison between them and the English product,

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and Maryland Farrier," published in Winchester, Va., in 1818.

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the late Colonel J. Wesley Allison. Note also the beautiful

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drug is given by the mouth. The stomach and digestive organs

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of the potential risks to the fetus should the possi-

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inconvenience. In normal times, when the number of medical students

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of the perivascular lymphatics, suggesting that this is one path

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of this kind, and also as to aphasia produced by snake-poison, will be

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and carefully examined all the county institutions.

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every one made a good recovery, and all were treated strictly in

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were wholly deficient. Our improvements in Malting and Mashing they have never

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ment, it will have to be resected. If the body has found its way up

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Massachusetts School Nurses Organization; Massachusetts Medical Society;

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excursion ; and then, as tlie pressure is carried further, they as

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