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management of this fever are united in the opinion that quinine and opium
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stronger and more clear, skin becoming more natural, tongue moist,
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to promote action in and around the wound, bv the application oi
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abstain from horseback riding, butter or very greasy
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furthermore, that these substances are not permanent but disappear
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misfortune invading the home, is granted to few men.
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part of the accelerated metabolism which takes place in infected and
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digitalis in auricular fibrillation. It has been suggested that digi-
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resorted to of late years, and that in certain cases has seemed to bring
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corpuscles are mingled with hsematoidin crystals. The contents of this
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Actual temporary paralysis, muscular spasm, herpetic eruptions, and
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respiratory infections, particularly those caused by the pneumococcus.
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immune serum produced with plain agar cultures. 1 They further
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Percentile increase in cc. breathed per min. as the inspired carbon
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attacks men oftener than it does women. Insufficiency, or a poor quality
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day). — On the sixth day she sat up in bed. She had begun to want some-
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of physiological and biological processes as exemplified
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few to 24 hours from the peritoneal cavity of the actively immunized
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the bones, especially the long ones, are smaller and sAor^er than those in the
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l»iologic characteristics have led to the notable restric-
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The first idea is not substantiated by the facts brought out in Ex-
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quent complication) has occurred, the umbilical vein is often found
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drops of horse serum are instilled, on two or more occasions, into the
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1769, an act was passed whereby it was rendered unlawful to carry
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varieties. In fact, the hypodermic use of these drugs has inaugurated a
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tions into the spinal cord, accompanied by more or less pigmentation, are
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The present paper deals with the clinical treatment of tuberculous
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drawn as to give the face a woe-begone expression. Speech may be entirely
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hours, 0.5 per cent of Dakin's hypochlorite or 1 per cent paratoluene
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ments, just sufficient to keep them constantly muddy, and in a bad
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of the people of Europe, generally — causing the diseases occurring
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resorted to, amongst which, the administration of opium in some of
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or imjDerfect, the presence of both albuminoid and starchy foods will be
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diffused and shoots down the legs and arms. It is constant, and is made
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treatments. With this strain 4 passages were required to restore the
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to Gaffky's No. II to No. IV. They could not be eliminated. The rales also
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rather than increased. The rapid breathing, dyspnoea, and palpitation are
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when such effects may be fairly referred to other more ob-
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therefore, that no direct parallelism exists between the two phe-
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Hatch, of Connecticut, giving an account of a female, who, whilst
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mence our article than by recapitulating the latest news which we
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peevish and highly excitable. They are apt to talk a great deal. When
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titation. I have never found that any of the plans of treatment proposed
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case of older children, never being able to correctly perform tasks where