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The report is full and complete, and describes the actual conditions existing In the
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(oi l.tiriir ,1,1,1 iCIl ClKlM ((Kill I is complelely ixerted to dex-
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lishments and the number of cities where inspection has been con-
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major muscle is removed. Blunt finger or gauze dis-
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freezing mixture where it is cooled thoroughly. Ten liters of water are
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the mortality rate for the patients with perforation
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Fig. 21. — Simple and economical calf stanchions.
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word " Special " shall not be used upon any Inspected meats or meat-food products not
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be detected by means of digital rectal examination.
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convey canned meat to and from this room were covered with clean canvas covers. This
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be at once removed under the supervision of the inspector and to be
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\no1her importani faetor is thf relative strength of Ihr ronu>,tn,u
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ties: Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis County,
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shafts with the outside air. The rendering tanks of abattoir No. 36 are located on the
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cavity showed nothing remarkable. The abdominal and thoracic viscera
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TU$ue: Fragmente of the heart muecle of a It day iM cMcken embryo.
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Acute Gouty Arthritis . — Colchicine is practically
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aholishcd liy criiotoxin and apocodeine. These drims. on the other hand,
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Clinicians are calling attention to the ill effects
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development. The predominance of short bacilli should be looked
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eased animals are not shipped to market centers where inspection by the Bureau is main-
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contaminated water. The disease has likewise been experimentally
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Bloods were examined as they came from the veins, and again after
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"VVhen it is suggested that all dogs should wear muzzles, a great
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By its charter from the State, the city of Chicago controls the business of slaughtering
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Composite Temperature and Pulse Charts of Forty Cases of Abdominal
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“Group Insurance for American Medical Association em-
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1. If you feel sick, call your doctor at once. Don't wait for a
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too critical. Instead of following this procedure, how-
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To Prevent the Spread of Splenetic Fever in Cattle (Effective from April 16
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of any one of the acids, whereas a greater increase would lead to marked
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of bovine origin, and after yielding to the effects of its artificial
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are sufficient. In some cases even with this method the Negri bodies
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is to .'i eerfaiii rxleiit nil aiiplieatiuii ( ' the prinei])!.' of reciprocal in-
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fying it, but a characteristic and often an active gro\ii:h of connective
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Resolved, By the House of Delegates of the Missouri State
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ti'.ii of fatty aeids is iiiitiatod li,\ tli.' iiilrodiietinii ..f an liydioxyl -.'I'linp
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tle. The affected bones may be those of any region or portion of the
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They also find, upon detailed kidney function analy-
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botic occlusion of the sac and vessel; dilatation and hypertrophy
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l-'fi.m thi' nuniei-iiiis (ihsiT\ ,il imis th,-ii iia\c heen m.nle nii the chmils nl
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a medicine named trileptal
alisnrlied into llie Mi.ud ol' tlie poilal s\s1em. Wlieii a very lai'ee (|uan-
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1827 McGee St. Laboratory Apparatus— Chemicals Kansas City 8, Mo.
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(The physician who made the puncture is certain that there was no