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C. C. Stuart presented a case of interstitial keratitis in a lad of 11

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an hour, — invariably recurring when he is about to sleep, and

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of most other invalids, it is the first object to ascer-

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and is exposed to many chances of receiving them on its pas-

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copper reduction test for urine-sugar appeared in 1 848.-

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cardiac origin, I hold that we should keep before our minds the

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existed from the time his boots were fii st taken oflT, twenty-

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Recording Secretary — W. H. Taylor, M. D., New Bedford.

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arranged fire-proof building, and on the first of July last

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Allopathist, who had charged' more than the widow was able to pay.

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were brought to a pH of 1.8 with hydrochloric acid. The time nec-

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no fresh lesions were observed. Headaches persisted for about a fort-

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include the scientific proceedings, is the chief purpose of this

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At the first dressing, say within twelve hours after receipt of burn,

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name ; but this observer's name is more familiarly associated with " Here-

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tory, the wound healing up in too short a time (a couple of hours) to give any

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by the exercise of multiform and comprehensive sym-

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the realm for the purpose of preserving his health. Spottiswoode

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to insinuate that this altered tone is always caused

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be arrived at ; but in many instances both of these symp-

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in view of the suggestion that an analogy exists between syphilis and

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later editions of his works, which is, to say the least, paradoxical ; viz.

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These statements rest on experiments and clinical observations;

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marked by continual or frequent periods of rutting : such ani-

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large amount of protein had dialyzed. In only one instance did suffi-

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Mr. Rowell. — Quite so, make it 7, and then 7 will become 8.

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Messawer, Henry J. Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics and

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them mature consideration, have made the following decisions.