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Egbert, Dr. T. W., on the treatment of scarlet fever 44

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This is rather a novel view of the case, although it does contain

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base of the first phalanx and the sesamoid bones. — Congress of Berlin

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development of this scaly layer. Formative germinal cells

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phthisis by inhalation of antiseptics through compressed air-vapor:

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inhibitory eff"ect on their growth, and kills them in a period somewhere

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mixture, viz. Sulphuric acid at 66 and distilled water, equal

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{American Journal of the Medical Sciences^ October.)

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by contamination of the centrifuge tube or equilibrating funnel with

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masses and pigment-masses. The theory of the development of

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has ever been found in the Australian wild dog (Canis dingo) ; the

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SO. Use of Chloride of Iron in Purpttra Hamorrhagiea. By PiZB. DKVRRan,

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gauze as especially valuable, and raises the question whether it would not be

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lating his written assent to our by-laws, and imperil-

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and are often the subject of ovarian and uterine disease,

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normal; radiographs of the affected shoulder showed nothing abnormal; any

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for drinking. The Great Breakfast Room at the ' Green Man,' Dulwich,

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' Read before the Obstetrical Society of Boston, December 21, 1S98|

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Certain forms of alcoholic and ursemic intoxication resemble phos-

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inferior animals — proving how much the essential is sacrificed to an

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years of age. Americans may " kick against (these) pricks " all they

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latter be defective in Hght Fig. 5 may be employed. For

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under ten 5'cars of age, six months may be named as tlie possible limit of

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The child had grown slowly and now weighed 10 lb. 12 oz. The head

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this difference, which is not very sensible, there is another advantage,

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eye was enucleated, and this relieved the irritation in

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ceeded to operate. The anterior vaginal wall was destroyed to

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hand, the infection is not of the acute type seen in mice and rats in

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use results in more accidents. It seems biased and unprinci-

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the absence of the Larynx, by other parts at the back of the throat.

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symptoms of general meningitis on arrival and the total results were

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Dr. Smith also shows the amount of carbonic acid evolved with

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'*(6) Congress will always be composed very largely