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more liable to contain suspended matter than springs. The

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Savage calls attention to the rarity of eclampsia as an antece-

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of the necessary treatment induced by the apparent recovery.

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emergency, but experience shows that this, when used in ad-

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case of the right foot begin the incision at the end of the outer malleo-

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in fever. Either the total supply of water runs out or the water

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(3) Inhibitory effect of transmitted electric stimulation.

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exhibited specimens of various antiseptics now employed, such

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abdominal walls, including skin, muscles, and peritoneum.

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first paper, already received, will appear in the December num-

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being filtered remaining the same, we perceive that the albumen

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travelled into Greece at the time of Solon, and, on

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tion. Dr. Glenn had made a good point in not ligating all the

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illumined by the sun, or is in the shade, or entirely in obscurity.

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be employed with good results. The animal should be induced to

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and renders it friable. It is then carried to the pow-

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strong physique, who can well tolerate frequent warm baths, it appears

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this may account in some measure for its more constant presence and

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the annoyance to other patients, the confusion and noise in pre-

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sultation legally qualified practitioners of medicine.

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active service, the wound broke out afresh, became ex-

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medicine. The fourth floor contains four recitation rooms and a laboratory for

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pecially in the morning before feeding, a puffy sweUing

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esting as being the intermediate host of a tapeworm, viz.,

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severe, but which is sufficiently bad to prevent him doing his work

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tribution dV etude des contaminations vaccinalcs, Lyon, 1884, p. 30. — 24. Journal of the

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Presented at the Minnesota State Conference of Social Work-

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sideration of the range. The ranges found by Dietlen extend from 3

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