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possible to be certain of the condition of the biliary passages, or
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Dr. Moses Barron, Minneapolis : It is well to remem-
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in the morning, and to drink this cold, and immediately
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During inspiration it was seen to move inwards, and outwards
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from an apparently hopeless condition to one of considerable
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of IgM and cryoglobulins in serum early in the course of the
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elapse before the disease was recognized. The author proceeded to answer the
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Cook Co., 111., writes:—" I do feel real well and strong, and I think it is all owing to your
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ophthalmology cannot be seen in their proper bearing and perspective,
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and general physical conditions of the patient, and to dimin-
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letters addressed to any Member of the Council will reoeire attention.
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1847, and died asphyxiated on the 9th, the patient had been
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lest on the addition of the sodic hydrate, ferric hydrate
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* BartholomaBi Eustachii, Tabellce Anatomical, fol., Rouiae, 1714.
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between the umbilical region and the anterior border of the
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tendent of Schools, Springfield, Mass., to recommend
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article, which I introduced into u^e at our hospital,
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regard to their physical functions as will insure their safety.
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medicated with creasote or carbolic acid (F. 262), every eight or
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occurred, particularly in elderly or debilitated patients.
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