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sistent case of constipation, which had existed since childhood, and which
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Joseph and Meltzer 3 found that the late convulsant action of
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any inspections, chemical or bacteriologic examinations made necessary
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Reports from the Water Department showing amount of
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for St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Youngstown, ended successfully April 24,
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amebae were probably first seen by Lambl in 1860. Their pres-
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ever, it is not my purpose to deal so much with prophylaxis
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his admission to such society, his residence, and the date
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eration of the bile ducts. Phenobarbital 5 mg. per kilogram
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profession," and it provided that it should be "unlawful for any
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Academy of Sciences — National Research Council and/or
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a fatal disease or life-threatening injury is not nec-
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production of headaches is still an unsettled problem. Owing to
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in emergency cases, however. In the average case the glandulae supra-
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mences, and the second trimming should take place early enough
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Ships. IV, The Hygiene of Military Camps. V, Disposal of Wastes.
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tion of the parasites, the diminution in the number of discrete lesions
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No postmortem examination was made. In the other case the
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most common with a high myelocytic count and with an increase
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relatively large doses. If the anterior third of the cerebrum is re-
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What does all this activity mean? Is the matter really
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of frivolous, nonmeritorious cases against doctors and
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remarked to the writer that if she looked in a child's mouth and