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swelling on the bone there is a line of tenderness which

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The attack was very severe, and pulled the patient down. It did not

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to resist the pull ; now put him back, and as he pulls,

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and satisfactory convention was held on the 25th of May, at Cincinnati.

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The fact seems to be that the inhabitants of the larger towns and

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shipping centres of the West show that St. Louis is now far in

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tralization of normal horse serum is 0.5 cc. for four minimum lethal

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of the Henry Phipps Institute in both Philadelphia and Baltimore were

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red petechise, the purple petechiae, and the violet or ink spots described

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revising its Opinion ยง23 entitled, Ethicality of an Ophthal-

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capable of improvement if the health professionals involved

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acters to organisms whereby an individual bacterium may possess different

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of the heart with advance of life ; and the diseased heart shows

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the explanation of the pain and stiffness of back and legs so often

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Northern California, the West, and the Nation. Oral history is a method of

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the circulation. The pulsation in the tumor ceased as soon

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pelvic abscess had formed, an early opening was decided upon,

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improvement in his symptoms, but this was possibly due to a

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the porterhouse and sirloin cuts are taken froni the loin

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Some time after the flowers appear the leaves are produced on long erect stalks

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276-287; (10), ottobre, pp. 369-382; (11), nov., pp. 480-490; (12), die, pp. 621-

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im the b^i^tby adult man, of overage dze, is.not less tbap seveateeOi^

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passed, which recovered.' Meoli treated a young girl who wrs

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perceptible, and does not, in the least, interfere with the movement

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after the injury. The destructive process which produces the ulcer

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ed by the action of the muscles and the respiratory movements of the