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bridge instruments, including — Catheterization Mon-

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will exhibit Horlick’s the Original Malted Milk and

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and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both

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This volume is an outgrowth of a series of lectures

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planning prescribe the right desk, chairs, or other equipment

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it is the small extra stresses of minor dysfunctions

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the claim that Dr. Landess was unethical because his

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the Blood Banks Association to consider and approve

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and who have dedicated their lives and their careers

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the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional

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the initiative of Smith, Kline & French Laboratories,

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River Crest Sanitarium, Ditmars Blvd. & 26th Street,

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14. Colcher, H., Drachman, S. R., and Adlersberg, D.:

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quantity of blood and forw'ard it to a testing labora-

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On an annual basis, it costs less to rent a car than to own one. From single cars for executives

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complicates the picture. In the first place, the latter

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“head-down” position advised by Barach and Beck

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be practically harmless as far as it is possible to deter-

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True pharmacodynamic synergism enhances the therapeutic poten-

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there is any fact well established in the treatment of this dis-

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that the Commission accepts a resolution introduced

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Dosage and Administration: from one-half to one applicatorful

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pying the right side of the neck, before and behind the margin of the

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thing caught, they are often caught themselves, but immediately bite the

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33. Hikes, ]., and Hikes, C. : Hffect of Chlorpromazine on

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* This paper is based in part on the first section of a study

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cough, shortness of breath upon exertion, a sense of

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JTreasurer — ^Dr. Casper Wister, of Pennsylvania.