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Within the last few years similar experiences have been noted by

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Eigidity of the abdominal muscles is often of the greatest value in

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sterility ; they are particularly liable to degeneracy,

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demic of beriberi developed in that institution and that

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erties, though how frequently the latter induced hu-

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application of a ten per cent, solution of silver nitrate

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and usually considerable narrowing of color fields.

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numbered 181. There were 4 deaths from sunstroke and

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Philippine Islands — Pangasinan ... Apr. 24-May 28 333 23S

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Invents prior to January of that year were now quite

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Rhaehitis is much more closely allied to osteomalacia than to osteo-

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micturition. Vaginal examination revealed a fibromyoma

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throw some light on the real cause of the disease are as follows: farm

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- Ueber fetthaltige Transudate. Hydrops chylosus und Hydrops adiposus. Deutsches Archiv

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often and in as large doses as is necessary, avoiding cerebral excitement,

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was built and presented to the public service through the

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