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and outer portion of the left thigh. The immediate consequen-

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would become rapidly gangrenous. The question is why, if there is space

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By reading the following quotation, some faint idea may be ,

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preparing this extract, is — fresh blood is passed through a

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third, fourth and fifth lectures to the function and disorders of men-

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but pre-occupied with the notion of the door, the evidence of the eyes made

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deaths. Of those dying from this disease, foreigners make 63.81 per cent., and

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of meaning to the word as we have, in the foregoing remarks. We

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ner can you be certain that it does not contain adherent omentum,

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the circulation — such as friction, gravity, curvatures in the

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relative to such donations or contributions as a majority of the mem*

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Medical Societies, calling forth fervent and lengthy editorials from

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chamber is provided with an escape tube, furnished with a stop cock, upon

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patient, who appeared to be rapidly sinking. The left lung was found

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of the pleuritic adhesion seen in tuberculous disease, i. e., that it is

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putrefaction. It is a remedy of great value when given in

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valuable ; but we think that sedatives are more generally useful.

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he employs the term " remote sympathy " or " contiguous

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Another very important part of Dietetics is to adapt the di-

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u How much further the dose might be augmented with safety,

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First — The point which principally requires the attention of the

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walls, or in the cardiac portion of the interior walls, a portion of

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right outer-antral wall. Below the level of the middle

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by means of the douche. The heat and scalding sensation wi

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ly pleased to find himself free from fever. Lie soon learned from

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could not be conveyed to the lungs to be expired, nor could

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tation of giving special attention to diseases of the rectum.^'

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body, but sometimes depress the pulse to such a degree as to