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sary first of all to recall certain anatomic facts concerning the organ,
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theory are met by the fact that there are different kinds of ganglion
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cal signs : The superficial veins are prominent. The
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tive influence upon cells of the body, abnormal cells being affected
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salines, during the previous week, and for all intra-abdominal
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lobe, and there gives rise to numerous fresh centres of the dis-
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This may explain the more fluctuatiug temperature of chil-
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ing the tendency to discharge at certain developmental epochs, and when
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The Medical Era, St Louis Mo will issue its --al^eries of
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dages make two distinct movements every time they breathe.
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the cutting off of the nutritive supply to a portion of the growing
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What the use of antiseptics has done for surgery it
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mitted; and an explanation of it is probably afforded by
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line to the anus, that something unnatural protruded,
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lier, in France — touching the cure of wounds by the
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Now, the point desired to be made here is that the use of the
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mahogany colour, and became decidedly green on the addition of
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explains the presence of the oedema, and shows that we have to do
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