Selegiline And Meperidine Interaction

the cord — the conus — is itself the seat of the lesion,
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At the termination of the vense cavae, the muscle fibers are arranged more
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portant factors in producing this condition. In short, the con-
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a bay leaf, a blade of mace, and a small piece of lemon peel ;
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January and May, 1916, but on both occasions returned to work
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closing the jaws, and tenderness on pressure over the
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uterus, or a portion of the cord within it, there would be no manner
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board. Each generation of sailors transmits them in
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teen signed the articles at the first meeting. After this,
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under my observation for a sufficient length of time to allow of
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could not admit that simple pleurisies were tubercular.
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but merely to fill the space made by the fingers. It
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when passing into the muscles there are pains and stif&iess
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dermatic method has been used, aside from the occasional
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little remained on the iron was carefully scraped off; an admix-
general bodily health of the patient is evidently affected by the
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Vaillard and Dopter^ and Dopter^ employed the Besredka method of sensi-
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t<',rlmlaJi(;<'d in a way by the active <y»-«p<ralion of
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fore hath his face elevated and lifted up to heaven, because
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the same purpose as a knife and is better, as the knife is apt to
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vention with his dissertation by urgent necessity, until he learned
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as first, if he cast forth no seed at all, or less in substance
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alcoholis, &a f§ij. Misce. Sig. apply after washing.
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however, some stiffness manifested itself, but it was not until 1907 that
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than any other upon articular nodosities : I refer to iodine.
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with considerable energy Novy's recent work and also
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responds to the emotions, to cerebro-spinal, to splanch-
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general anaesthesia, w^e must vary our anaesthetic, or our methods
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the anterior portion of the thyroid cartilage, splitting that