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pacity is so gradually raised by this method that all shock is avoided.
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body, profound collapse, etc.). Chemical tests are not to be neglected if
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the purpose of dilating the cutaneous vessels by the reaction which en-
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case of Roland G. Curtins at the Philadelphia Hospital.
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London in 1665, destroying more than 70,000 persons. In May, 1894, a
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and when this is accomplished to order a hip bath of 90°, daily reduced
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Fig. 12.— Temperature-curve in a case of tertian intermittent fever (Sahli).
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patient may be suffering. As generally used, it embraces also
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present is not intense, save in rare instances. Pressure upon the ileo-
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effect. Bismuth in full doses is useful'(3ss— j — 2.0-4.0 every two hours).
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sistent bending of the toes downward with the hands so as to
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ring and shows a laryngeal type. There is some fever present. This
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the Schuylkill water furnishes, these disintegrated portions
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senting an irregular surface like that of an orange. On section, the par-
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children, five minutes. Upon the general condition the result was
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of the abdomen and a diminished urinary secretion. A tendency to
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best of the early fall apples. It is yellow, with a distinct blush,
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I think much of the blame given to the use of the intra-
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a positive increase of tension in the arterial wall is not present, though
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