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The contents of the cranium are called, collectively, the ence-
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diphtlieric serum equalling the strength of even his so-called normal serum,
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opened to discover some signs of hay, and in some instances
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of writers as being equal, I will merely offer the three following
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Juler, G. B. Keetly, Percy Kidd, Wm. Maccormac, Robt. McGuire,
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has recently published three cases, in all of which ethmoidal
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vagus and accessory nerves, running side by side. Shortly after
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Fourthly — Is it essential to vaccinate in both arms in
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There are wards for small-pox and scarlet fever, private rooms
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vision, overweight, underweight — accounted for approx-
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ried this further, and could trace gradation of represen-
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Dupuytren, Lisfranc and Syme, ami had settled in Edinburgh,
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If the contract had ended here, Smart might at least
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cause of its death can he given except the pressure and
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dairy commissioners have done splendid service in securing such
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surely the teeth should be removed, and not the bars of the mouth.
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from the dwelling. In camps they should be disinfected immediately and
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who do not live in the desert. Several times in Asia
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squirted at once from the pharynx to the lower end of
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125, 266, 276, 279, 286, 287, 294, 309, 312, 375, 376,
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general subcutaneous tissue. The wasting, however, becomes
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Dr. Farries thought that in scarlatina nothing fulfilled the indica-
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