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standing the large number of injections (28 in all, 8 of 3| c.cm., and 20
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believe that if she had been kept properly under the
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4th German Edition and enlarged by James Cagney, M.A., M.D. 3rd
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tive teaching, in any of the departments, are respectfully and earnestly solicited.
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the points of rapiers which had entered the body during duels.
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does not appear to reduce tension so effectually as iridectomy,
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it is due to an immediate effect of the injected poison upon the blood-vessels, appears to be
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and this holds, despite the fact that excessive nitrogenous inter-
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patients may walk out of doors. Care with respect to much muscular exertion
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Pulse Valve which cannot get stopped. Vulcanite or Glass Clyster Pipe only,
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Other adverse reactions that have been reported with the individual components are listed below and. within each
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quinine every three or four hours during the interval of freedom
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day spent at the higher altitude. While the venous pressure was
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of the disease by inoculation establish the existence of a specific virus, this
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becomes developed in each cavity tlms formed in a manner
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set down by authors as the result of "scrofula," but the disease has
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want of tactile sensation in the ultimate distribution of the
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termed the eye-piece, magnifies this image and is placed between it and the
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ness which rendered him aphasic, and re- and obtained a powerful pull by means of
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externally, so as to cause, not only inconvenience, but actual disease.
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He has adduced some illustrative instances of atrophy
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strength of i to a 1000, or of Carbolic Acid i to 200, or of Borax
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tremities were not noticeably cold, and there was nothing to indicate a speedy
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relieved ; belched wind from the stomach ; nausea al-
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avoided if possible in pregnancy, congestion of the brain, inflam-
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charge — one of them a brave young Swiss doctor. Dr. Ernst, who took
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built of brick with unprotected foundations and cellars, and
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Epilepsy not uncommonly occurs and attempted suicide is not un-
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giene of vi.siou; readable print. Louisville J. S. & M.,
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articular disease as a local inflammation, and by the
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nied. Centr.-Ztg., Berl., 1890, Ixv, 885-887. — Raiiipoldi
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I have not said that this is done ; I have said that the nature,
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when the light is somewhat dim, and when anxious about any-
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microscope the gray cells were found not only to be greatly, diminished, but many of them
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Recto-vesical Lithotomy. — Dr Louis Bauer reports the follow-
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E. H. Iden, 1C.D., Rush Medical College, 1900, and there-
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(and Boric acid solution is good and safe about the
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mastoid. On operation the entire mastoid was found full of pus and
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of two hundred families daily. All conceivable apparatus
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Tennessee will hold its seventh annual meeting in Chatta-