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had hoarseness, with feeling of stricture about the throat, since Feb-
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course of three days nearly fifty persons were affect-
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portal blood to the liver. It is then appropriated with other
necessary to go into details, especially since, so far as I know, these
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consideration of every medical man ; and, finally, it is submitted that
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On physical examination of the chest, the whole of the affected side
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of the spectrum also. That mysterious region known as the
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engineer of the Company informs me that breakage had
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taken for these objects, if at all, very sparingly, venereal indulgences,
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The Physician Himself.— By D. W. Cathell and William
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afebrile, 62 per cent, of the lice remained on or near the primary host,
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repeated every hour until symptoms of relief appear.
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greater safety from the dangers of tension or imper-
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Arch Dixon, jr., of Henderson, I opened the abdomen and removed the
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self gave rise to few and comparatively slight symp-
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had been unable to attend to his business for more than three
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who have had abundant opportunities for observing the disease.
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the alcohol. The arsenical contamination would of course increase the
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Dr. Bullock: I would like to make a continued report of a case