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Inasmuch as many of the body fluids, and notably the blood,
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was performing the laborious duty of attendant on the sick in an
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During the past month several most important surgical operations
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And yet we have got to plough this field, and it will give us the richest
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little over a year and a half ; Subsequent History of the case not known.
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State Health Insurance — C. J. C. O. Hastings, M.D., M.O.H., Toronto.
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sonnel in one twelve-mcmth period was 1 to 7 of the enlisted men.
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Hamilton, Dr. F. H., on laryngotomy, thorotomy, and tracheotomy 165
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phlegmasia dolens, but by no means severe, affecting the left lower
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cells, which show a deposit of yellow pigment and granules.
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nervous dyspepsia and neurasthenia in general, which chiefly consists
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atmosphere easily kept moist by some simple contrivance for
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bellum. He referred especially to the case reported by
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has been recommended, of gradually discharging the water by punc-
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Queen, a woman whose countenance, voice, and figure
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Small parasites are occasionally observed in the eyes of horses.
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Feuter declares that he has frequently etherized ca^^e8 of
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It is only necessary for us to chronicle the appearance of the twentieth
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eschars takes place, and that it sometimes produces a little dis-
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The foreign press, besides, informing us daily of the numerous successes
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hurtful influence of hostile agencies from the outer world, acting upon
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emotions "in the stomach." It may appear unscientific to believe such
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population, let us set our faces as flint against the crime of
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are nearly or quite abolished. The epigastrium is preternaturally
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croupous pneumonia, regarded childhood as a very fatal period ; and it certainly is,
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culous, appeared in the skin of a child who had been vaccinated three
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ed with pulmonary tuberculosis, which had been rapidly developed