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of the forearm were much enlarged ; locomotion was seri-
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Wednesday, December 21st. — New York Academy of Med-
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they say, with two ends in view, the elimination of
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that it could be given intravenously without any ap-
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be delivered by Professor W. E. Castle, of Harvard Uni-
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fastly maintained, down to the end of his life, that
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Bingham, of Burlington, Vt. An excellent programme has
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treatment of these three forms together, leaving the
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for this. One of the chief of these was the kind of
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ber 17th, at a conference held in the United Charities'
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sion, and ascites. Spleen extending down to the um-
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losis of the tonsils is more satisfactory when based
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Leeper, John F., Lieutenant, Aledical Reserve Corps.
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Pestalozzi, but let us never be too cocksure any of
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becomes at once evident if we look over the statis-
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goodly quantity of whiskey and nlcohol in honor of the
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combated by appropriate tonics, food, air, and exer-
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turbances are overlooked or ignored, the local meas-
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the disease with which she is afflicted, for detention
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Boston bull is notorious ; the uncontrollable, brain .
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Dr. W. B. Coley. Dr. James Ewing, Dr. S. P. Beebe, and
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with the health authorities, and special care is taken to
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The x-ray shows this wide separation of the right iliac synchondrosis
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cium sulphide, ^4 grain, every four hours. No local ap-
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Official iist of changes in the stations ajid duties of com-
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infection and involvement of both tubes and ovaries
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than forty cases, the follow ing series having been
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The following represented the average daily menu prior
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ertson, M. D., C. jM., Pathologist to the Scottish Asylums,
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president, and Dr. T. N. Stephens, secretary and treasurer.
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— still discoverable and identifiable — down through
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(Section in P;ediatrics) ; Brooklyn Pathological So-
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is a very serious one if the patient must be treated
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ture in Hosack Hall, of the New York Academy of Medi-
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abdominal soreness. Her case had been diagnosticated as
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Throat, Nose, and Lung Hospital have received the sum
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pend a description of five characteristic cases taken
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instance these pains were described as most severe,
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this operation I am inclined to think that possibly the colon is also
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meiit. This case must be regarded as one of mixed in-
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colchicum and salicylic acid, he observed that sali-
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numbered 448, of whom 329 were under one year of age.
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interest to all engaged in hospital administration.
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not as the result of the effect of the disease, but due
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and the care of the teeth, and the consulting with local
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infection or disease which in ordinary persons is not