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side of the head just over the rolandic fissure. Soon thereafter epileptic
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cle the whole limb, but only two-thirds of it, and hence have done what they
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tively seldom that it is necessary to make this diagnosis, as it is very
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insure prevention of a localized thrombus by avoiding damage to
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Parke, Davis, & Co., Squibb, Metcalf, and a few others,
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hospitals of Dresden, Prague, Berlin, and Vienna, the mortality is 1 in 8; in
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for that well-known and familiar face, that for so many annual
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firm connective tissue which, as it contains no lymphatics, shuts off the
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observation as I sought Dr. Paget's indication, from
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question. So far as the dissemination of carcinoma of the large intestine,
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Treatment. — If the disease has developed, treatment is useless.
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Savage calls attention to the rarity of eclampsia as an antece-
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and induration of these nodes was inconstant in testicular infections
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by three or four more which are wrapped closely about him up to
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seizes the nose with his hand, and strongly pinches the nostrils
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a large globular tumour, which he at once supposed to be a polypus
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synthetic product which has been termed novocain. N'arious
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expensive. For this reason I tried to prepare a glycerine solution of arsenic.
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Among Uw ciDH> ofilMUiwo notice i—ErysVwi. 0; lUbomlnuriii, » ;
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by passing an electric shock through the sac. This, of course,
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pyonephrosis, (e) After the renal substance has been destroyed, if
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the lungs may become more inflated than otherwise. It is always
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attempted by the sugar teats, the milk and water and
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Berger, Jean Ury Turner Evans, 3005 Lincoln Street, Camp
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done by not lying down at all, but resolutely keeping on the
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chronic course ; while one side only is usually affected, though occa-
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Books that have titles similar to the one above are frequently
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strong argument in opposition to Bang's view, mentioned in a previous foot-note,