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voice, as a rule, is not altered, but sometimes the cry has a distinct stridor.
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to a centimetre or more, (b) Purulent pleurisy may follow the other
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By the last is meant a stimulus of such a strength that it will elicit
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which I proposed. It was deemed advisable, however, to wait
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weeks ago I first saw him. The history of the case, briefly given
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certainly fails to permit of a successful struggle against poisons ingested. No
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\c arc in a hot room, the tiny bloodvessels of the skin expand (the
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This bank or bluff is neither so high nor so abrupt as that
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of our own countrymen. Dr. Cutter, advocated electricity
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examination. The meningeal form of haemorrhagic septicaemia
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ependyma of the fourth ventricle was slightly dilated
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ation, since the assertion provoked a considerable amount
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120/70, and pulse rate of 120/minute. Bilateral conjunctival
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with leeches, and I think the notion that tlie leech-
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a rapid course with jaundice, marked decrease in the size of the liver, hem-
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merel}' palliative. Dr. Bliss was called in and prescribed decoc-
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age should be gradually reduced and the patient carefully monitored In addition, when
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wiU usually succeed in obtaining an unbroken growth
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cases, the whole forming a very compact series. The roads
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Its membership is confined to those who are actively or
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careful regulation of the cattle during transport, there is but little
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they are not amenable to censure on the score of indifference or indolence.
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marked anaemia of recent origin, due to metrorrhagia and over-lactation.
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Ramus, Carl, acting assistant surgeon. To proceed to the
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in the crasis of the blood after small-pox, that we may see the body
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parts very carefully, and found that the seat of the pruritus was
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tea. He had been dieted very low ; I restored his di-
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— The Honorary Secretary stated that in the part of the paper
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tion of sugar in the blood, after extirpation of the adrenals, fell to
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