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do we know respecting the alterations of the blood in disease ?"
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high, with smooth, brownish-gray trunk and branches. Its leaves are very long,
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Clinical skills are developed in the examination, diagnosis, and treat-
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Time is noted when circulation in web of foot stops. Dose is calculated per gram body weight, animals
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cannot recommend it. It is simply a cram-hook for lazy students,
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fessor of Anatomy and Physiology; and John De La Mater, ISf. D., Pro-
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time vasospasm develops, often leading to subsequent stroke
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Endocarditis occurred in 16 of Osier's 100 autopsies. In 209 cases of
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should be used when fresh and when not in use should be kept in a refrigerator,
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parietes at the umbilicus. A slide shown was from the case
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organisms in the infected parts, and in the discharge
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vessel, which was filled with warm water kept at a temperature of 27° K. ; the water being
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thrombosis or embolism of cerebral vessels to relieve the second-
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cholera and dysentery, or from ptomaine poisoning; or it
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during life. The organ in which these micro-organisms occur in the
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