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malady may be gatliered from the following extracts from the
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complete paralysis of the diaphragm, so that the abdominal muscles
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quickly fatal postpartiun hemorrhage by dashing cold water upon the
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of whose blood is interfered with by a diseased condition of its blood-
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tissue seamed to attach the brain to the base of the skull. When it was
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Asqaith, to whom appeal was made as the constitutional ofiicer
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The patient, therefore, should never be without a clinical thermometer.
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action he brought against the Journal), that the Medical
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cautiously applied, without in any way exposing the surface of the skin.
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stitution, and no measure should be neglected to discover any cause of
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It is true that the works constructed during famine relief
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opportunity of ofieriug a masterly survey of recent bacterio-
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.and the chairman of committee, the medical officers, and the matron
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to take the chair on the occasion. It was recommended that
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Hemilian, of. St. Petersburg, formerly Honorary Physician to
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organism against the disease, and to be, therefore, a limiting
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Waterfoot, near Manchester, June eth. James McNacoht, M.D.
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Surgery, and Midwifery." The Committee found that in tlie
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body, not to develop into new growths perhaps for years. This inge-
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Physician of Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, as occurring in his service
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itis." As I have already stated. Dr. Martin was simply
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The new growths are found to consist of lymphoid cells lying in deli-
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health are being issued. In the Montpellier district several cases pre-
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floor of the public part of the court was covered with asphalte,
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(Honorary Secretary, Mr. W. G. Richardson, F.R.C.S., The
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annual expendituieof 376,000 lire(£15, 000), a sum which, being
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duced by Dr. Halsted, Surgeon to the Johns Hopkins Hos-
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tribes (medal with cluspj ; in Bengal during the Indian mutiny of 1857-59 ;