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desperate forms, should at once consult the doctor, for they will find it for their

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any strong manual movement in his occupation, brings on a pain in

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Remark. — Although the disease was remarkably obstinate we did

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corresponding to the cartilaginous plate. The skin covering this, and

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The meeting closed with an unanimous vote of thanks to the Presi-

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symptoms of exophthalmic goitre fail to appear. Similarly in true

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\-ithout hsemoglobinuria, maj- be produced b}' introducing into the

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be a glioma. On cutting through the central line of the cerebellum

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Destruction of pulmonary tissue is sometimes very extensive. At the

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and chloroform. The operation chosen was that in which the lens is

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Next day the general condition remained practicall}' unaltered. The

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the recurrent was given olT. Under the microscope, the bulbous en-

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were also left to be given twice daily in a bran mash or soft food.

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opalescent; margin of the liver perceptible behind the costal carti-

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when she commenced taking your medicines, there were four tumors rising and

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"Acute Hydrocephalus" and "Follicular Enteritis" are good specimens

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have held their hands, and should not have done anytliing to extend

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bromide of potassium three limes a day, and f-iuml that he was always

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tumour in a little sterilised water was injected into the peritoneum of

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Poisoning being suspected, the cadaver was sent to the College.

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quently on the mitral. Starting in the endocardium, and at first

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are useless. The most reasonable treatment consists of rest, moderate

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large vessels were healthy ; the larynx was healthy ; the mucous mem-

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heart's impulse could not be felt, and on auscultation both normal

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around it. The staff consists of three Physicians and three Surgeons.

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this case in arriving at a satisfactory diagnosis ; and that unfavourable

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Representatives in the General Couneil. — The following members were

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I p.m.— University College, 2 p.m.— St, Thomas's. 1.30 p.m. —

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parts of the body no reaction resulted. Temperature 397° C. The

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the internal wall of the laryngeal ventricle. The advantage of

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centres usually consist in more or less intense hyperemia of the

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growth and progress of the disease. The sketch was taken seventeen

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