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masses. Cortical thickening is therefore an important point in dif-

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to believe it to be produced by a specific microorganism; and in 1885

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If the experiments are made with the point in mind mentioned above,

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stay some time in the ' ' healing-house of the martyr ' '

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Phlegmonous — Relating to or of the nature of a phlegmon.

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clusion that while normally the excitation spreads from its origin in

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invite disease and death, the very things it were desirable to avoid.

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mation upon such important matters as the notification of Venereal

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Dr. O'Hagan loved his profession, the greatest of all profes-

prednisone or prednisolone for cats

And now, except for a few concluding words, I have completed what

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withheld in inflammation of the lungs. Sedatives are useful in

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difficulty, and even a lighted match moved in front of her

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character of McNairy, Hardin, Hardeman, Henderson and

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pears, that out of 20,975 children born within the space of six years, 1044 died

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time under the action of the patient^s usual evening opiate. Next

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the use of the warm bath, and the swellings have diminished. Mit-

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condition threatening the patient's life. Under the use of stimulants and

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Remark*. — ^The association of a solid ovarian tumour with

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larynx and bronchi ; while it is also useful for invalids threatened

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