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his surroundings. It is the latter which is out of gear and not
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Mathews, who is a great admirer of this method, admits that it
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of the case, but it is a very unusual recovery, I think, if the symptoms were
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a half-century ago, and he prophesies a revival " less than half a century
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His first case was a multipara, in whom birth was impossible because of a
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have been found more or less useful in suitable cases ; but not one of
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prescription shall be preserved, etc. Is it reasonable or probable
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claims that virtually nothing practical has been systematically un-
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The patient is placed in bed outdoors on a porch, or in a
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point is important enough to demand more attention from oper-
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enforcement ; and a solid mass of people can have what they want
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from base to apex ; it measured, for example, four and a half inches
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The Importance of Early Extirpation of the Uterus for the
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disappointment. The patient can withhold no thought from the physi-
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of the stirrup. He agrees with Boucheron that the best time for operating
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condition of her tongue (which was enormous)^ lips, and pharynx. The
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Hopkin's Pond and Other Sketches. By Kobert T. Morris, M. D., New
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so-called labor element. If there were no other reason for
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the different methods of different observers the estimations were all made
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therein, and the history perhaps of many years duration with but
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smokers should more carefully tabulate their experiences. There
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the cotton; the wound, still covered with the remains of the iodoform,
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of the glottis appear. 3. The numerous instances in which tracheitis or
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cell infiltration of the mucous membrane. On opening the ab-
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and the consumptive, and the danger of contracting the disease thus
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pense of much tissue- waste. The law of conservation of energy applies here
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carbonic acid to restrain the action of the diastatic ferment within normal
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fistulse are present, it is found that injections into the fistulse themselves are
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The expression Dementia Praecox refers to a peculiar charac-
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" What is accepted the scientific world over, that in the organism described
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trophy and dilatation of the heart, with symptoms of great passive conges-
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and "neuralgia;" the vomiting and other gastric disturbance, to that of
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dependent on perichondritis or due simply to an idiopathic inflammation
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one in Galveston, Texas. Cases of the throat disease originated in
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exanthem, probably of trophic origin. The vesicles are most numerous
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not, however, reaching an intense state for, perhaps, a few weeks, and
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toneal cavity. The treatment consists in letting the hsematocele alone ; in
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illustrations. With a strong impress of the country in which it is
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prior to operation shows a subacidity and considerable mucus.
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