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surgical category, a case may occasionally transfer itself from
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of sodium formate a certain stimulating effect, probably in virtue
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immediately afterwards showed me unanimity obtained
with loss of sensation about the ankles aud formica-
precose mechanism of action
troduced by the poison, or from the increase of the white corpuscles (which
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and rectum. Am. J. Surg., 67:479-487, (March) 1945.
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carman and cabman, who never hesitate to ■ put on the
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The arterial blood, it is tipie, passes directly, by the channels of
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the thigh. In fact, it is frequently spoken of as the abduction
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frequency of bayonet and sword wounds, as well as those of all the side
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arise, with a request that the prescription, in such con-
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tened that some paleontologists actually arranged one of them,
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Jaw. A case of anchylosis of the jaw, with remarks ou the etiology
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Many are there who would have passed by, doing nothing then,
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partial restoration of the ancient dignity of the early
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more or less dyspnoea, the performance of the respiratory move-
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should be continued in service. Hospital bedding will not be used by
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in the belly; a <:onstant desire to go to stool,
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very similar to that described by Wassermann in 1899.
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in their urine, because the ordinary food of our kitchen is insipid to them without the addition
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overflowed the ground which had emitted the putrid exhalations that had
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criminating intellect and the over-topping will. Some go
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belittling querulousness, and of those fretful whinings which
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pointed Demonstrater of Anatomy to the Southwark Branch of the Royal
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surgeon to the fact that the full realization of the ends to be
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depression. It is also claimed that it can be given with good results
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and between the pus cells. Their ends are rounded and usually take the
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p.s/56535 Darwin, C. Fossil Balanidae and Vernicidse of Great
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was of no use : in spite of their self denial they became
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VI. Pattern Making, Each class is required to make a
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head, than good sense inside. They seem to possess the extraordinary