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The rules governuig the exhibition of opium, stimulants,
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changed places with any one on eartli. But at the end of this brief period
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Jean B. Prince, Eug. Verret, Henry Lemire, Geo. Migneault, Alf.
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nently affected in consequence of ague ; .chronic Bright's disease
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and relatively little fuss to all concerned, it requires some self-
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the left side as on the right. But the left heart has already an undue
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pent of fo doing, as I can folemnly teftify that I ne-
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ever, should allow of no criticism. In a small percentage of
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^ J. Struthcrs : " The lidiiiburgh Anatomical School," lulinburgh, 1867, p. 54.
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warrant the separation of cases of acute diffuse peritonitis into
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annually furnished with voluptuous young females from all ranks of
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rence of an abscess, which implies a genuine inflammation, can-
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LOCATION WANTED — Surgeon, 36, three years’ ap-
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to be taken not to mistake its early symptoms for those of
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He now treats all such cases with the continuous current of 20
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and that any attempt to establish an institution on a
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was nothing malignant. It was removed on account of pain.
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the difficulty, whatever it may be, in the liver, is of an acute
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understand that cleanliness, instead of being "next to godliness"
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conditions has to be kept in mind and every patient with hemorrhage should
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the only one that can be used in a certain disorder. For this
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peculiar to the point from which it springs, viz : glandular struc-
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it have suffered a notable alteration of structure. It is still,
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well-known case of Colonel Townshend related by Dr. George
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** George Alexander Gibson, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P. Ed.,
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in convulsions or quietude, or makes a rapid recovery. The
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forty-millionth part of the earth's circumference around the poles.
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Three additional successes during this war are reported by Dr.
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qualified applicants who are interested in attending
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fermented promptly and apparently completely. As far as could be
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To Receipts from the Treasurer of the United States,
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