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UMDMJ-New Jersey Medical School Program Newark, NJ 07103

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by a specific inhibiting power of an unsaturated fatty acid such as

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from one-fourth to one- third of the bacterial germs remain alive in the

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ditions of general asthenia which animals exhibit when afflicted with dis-

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five or six days, seized with some hallucination, as that

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We are the only concern that make CONCENTBATED TINCTUBES by the above method. They

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measures through Congress during President Roosevelt’s

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this distinction does not hold good in disease.f Here, then, is a ques-

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the stores of carbohydrate vary considerably in different animals. They

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been very generously given to roe by Dr. Starr, to whom

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Statistical methods used in articles should be identified.

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Lehmann found that on boiling an aqueous solution of crystals he obtained a

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gallon of water. When well boiled, strain it, and put in a

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commissions, in recognition of their valuable services

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