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kind of hepatitis, which is that most commonly observed in tem-

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nated with it. In this way it is spread, being carried from pas-

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pharmacopeia, but though Rhazes was known as the experimentator,

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tion of the hand is accomplished by an external rotation movement of

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of the cranium was then exposed by a rectangular flap, including the

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"What has become of them ? Sir James Paget traced his students,

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In 30.0 cc. of acetic anhydride 5.0 gm. of zinc chloride were dis-

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The pain and the jaundice are symptoms which explain them-

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excretion of sugar. The fluid output in these cases bore relation

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communicating them. After the clear and convincing statement

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Under such untoward conditions success in treatment

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in chlorosis and amenorrha'a. 5 to 15 grains.

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by various observers. Locomotor ataxy may be due directly to syphilis

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end indeed, for thinking out loud, the great mass of the people must continue

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way, and the result was that twenty-eight out of the

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pathology remains to the present day a great truth and contains

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may exist without actual Consumption being present — that is, they are harmless in their quies-

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tinuous exhalation through the mouth. Continue by repeating inhale,

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when warmed, it yields a heavy, flocculent precipi-

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that has appeared without lameness as the result of ivorJc

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night, and seem best liorne when the patient is sit-

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unusual cases small doses of horse serum produce no reaction, but

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aged is that the temperature in their apartments be maintained

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Station Rec, Wash., v. 15 (6), Feb., p. 618. [W a ]

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dissecting free these adherent structures, for this

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the renal tissue w^ere softened, and partly absorbed. It is there-

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the history of which the patient takes apparent pleasure in

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and it always coagulates promptly on contact with inflamed

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refers to eleven others, in which tracheotomy was resorted to also,

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Original articles contributed exclusively to THE MEDI-

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— himself a philanthropist and with a private fortune.

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occurring in such various nerve branches, which are described

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the various lengths by a scale and make a numerical computa-

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of the face; toothache; faceache; palpitation. Pinworms (i. e., seat

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tion of the people. That Society early recognised the

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the same method, but heats only to 93 to 94 degrees.

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arachnoid cavity and the cerebral ventricles often contain a notable

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Mintz injected about one-third of a gramme of paraffin, melting at 43° C,

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ties ; appliances for physical culture and exercise ; and whatever