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extending column of blood, robs the brain of its normal supply,
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bottom of the bulb, engages itself under the fold in the movement
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signs, has been one of the greatest boons ever conferred by the genius
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not manifested by any special defect, save that the development
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483. — King (W. E.) Electricity's field in ophthalmic
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larly definite. In seventy-four of eighty-seven cases collected by Jiirgensen
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in turning it was necessary to dilate the cervix to the
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of the 70 cases in which this drug was not employed, only 6 women
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abdominal wall, the tumor, if present, will soon be
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applied to those cases in which, after the most exhaustive
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and mental, may run through their course, and end fatally. The causes
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sure records. He notes the effect of abdominal pressure on venous and
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'Twere strange indeed, if in his " classification,"
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under various pathological conditions, especially in pernicious ane-
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interested in tuberculosis everywhere, and the papers on this subject
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We have passed such a stage of civilization. The pres-
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found chiefly in the sputum of abscess and of perforating empyema.
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fourth of July, 19 li — no, in 1915 at Siler City — I made a speech along
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ration upon the kidneys as would be desirable. We are therefore
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and Warden of the College of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
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solution of pot. carb.; these two preparations are then mixed and boiled. —
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glass cover-slips and kept in the moist chamber for
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be preferred to removing the calculus through the posterior
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brane which is characteristic of this disease and in preventing it from
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4 to 7 cm. occurs, whilst in multi-gravidse it is 10 cm. Thus it is clear
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applied to the bowels externally, are sometimes of sig-
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however, there has been a renewal of the former symptoms :
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and axillary glands. The inguinal glands suffer enlargements so frequently as the
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