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in connection with typhoid fever. These lymphatic neoplasms
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subcutaneous insulin infusion by portable pump and concurrent self-
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has a child as well as herself to nourish. Let her be mode-
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terrible railway disaster at Burgos some time ago. Prof. Fletcher
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8 to 10 white blood cells and 6 to 8 red cells per high
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Packs. These are useful if there be complications, for children and for
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greater than the decrease in total nitrogen, this fact being shown in the
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January 21. — Cough continues, absolute dullness over right base,
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Paulesco, called attention to a new method of treat-
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riations or wounds along the whole extent of the digestive tract
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Revised with additional notes by George Futvoye. London, 1838.
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Tannin in Dilatation of the Stomach. — Dr. H. Boull.and,
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compared to the method employed first by Cuvier, and
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The autopsy (No. 413), showed extensive yellowish puru-
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central vein, surround the lobule of parenchyma on all sides, and
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fourth. Seven distinct species, he asserts, compose
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I claim nothings original; I only desire to call your attention
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Keiller and Atchison {Edinburgh Medical Journal, July, 1890) report,
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task". The minimum standards include a recommendation regarding