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ears are often swollen and enlarged. The result of these changes

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ness of one leg ; in a day or two the arm of the same side may be

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egg ; four tablespoonsful of hot milk and two tablespoonfuls of cod-

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described as being cedematous. The fat cells are sometimes smaller

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tion is distinguished as the pulsus alternans. The rhythm is more

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full of flies, however, which could easily pass from the hospital to the

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Mechanical Means for Determining Arterial Resistance. — A large

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of age, developed the disease in 1913. She lived most of the time with her

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PL III., Fig. 2, in the diastolic portion of the trace.

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beats quickened than slowed ; therefore paroxysmal bradycardia is not

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Spontaneous rupture was first observed by Harvey, and the fact

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have been observed to occur from time to time parallel to the clinical

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luria, but subsequent experience has sent this remedy the way of its

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serious consideration, except possibly as it indicated lack of depression

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to the brain and of light ursemic poisoning. The surface is usually

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f . inn. Med., 1896, xxii, 65. Gluzinski and Lemberger : Centralbl. f. inn. Med..

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The latter died early in 1912 without recurrence. The former suf-

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The treatment is symptomatic or surgical. Goodhart claimed to

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spinal treatment, and in so doing one finds that the one intraspinal

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100. The urine showed albumin (amount not recorded) and hyaline and granu-

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sodium chlorid, protein and purin bases. Slight modifications of these

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great value of this sound becomes apparent at once and every observer

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J The quantities given are the total daily intake in grairs.

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retardation of the contractions in ten to twenty seconds, in arhythmia

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TABLE 15. — Carbon Dioxid Tension in Alveolar Air and in Venous Blood

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bone, joint, and gland scrofula, with also the various affections of the

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must be remembered that the normal gland can scarcely be felt and

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quently but by no means always made by ligation ; 2 and 4 always by

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stream from the heart. In such case, when the walls are feeble or

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correlated with the change in the Wassermann reaction. In one case

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ally to endarteritis or other morbid changes; the lumen of the in-

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the injection of very small amounts of pollen extract at about weekly

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From the third to the fifth year the recurrence rate was between 75

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Asthma, bronchial, autogenous defibrinated blood in the treatment of;

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to a moderate galvanic current amounts to four or five thousand

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by capillary embolism. Their irregular distribution and variability in

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Bradycardia may be permanent, temporary or transitory, or par-

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from those occurring in the '' morbid mean." As parallel instances, we

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hypertrophy and hypersecretion of the gland. Treatment with this

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Of these cases with the subnormal cardiac load six died in the hos-

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(Journal of the Institute of Actuaries, January 1894, p. 86) that from 1884