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bodies which have become known by investigation. An
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as regards ventilation attached to carbonic acid, so that even
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and in another did not approve of the operation advised by an ex-
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occurring in the army camps in this country, have shown that suscepti-
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character. Nor is the tremor violent, being more like that of
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inclined to consider the vapor bath as a most valu-
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children to make them grow fast, until they become so fat
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cutaneous injection of strychnine need not be omitted, but it is not
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Even at ordinary temperatures. Formalin gives off gaseous formic
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and separate them, calling one gunpowder and another hyson, and anoth-
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ing with the mosquito nuisance. One of Prof. Pettit's assistants
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no nervous defect or disease in the family, but I soon learned
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ternal surface of the labia pudendi, inflamed. The patient takes
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sues to which Prof. Brickell alludes. To carry a weight of that of
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strictures in exceptional instances as by dilatation
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Figure 6 shows the cystoscope in an artificial bladder.
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ter, with coagulation. This effusion constitutes a solid clot on the
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purplish hue. Associated with this eruption there appeared epistaxis,
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under observation. The case is given in detail, and
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had taken no medicine for several days. His father took
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a man who at the time presented no dropsical symptom whatever,
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Aerobic cultures were pure of Streptococcus pyogenics. By means of
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puration occur. In such cases, as Cruveilhier demonstrated, the i
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sure or constriction at the lower part of the sternum.
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two and one-half years ago, when he had an attack of
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hemorrhage I use ergot, as well as in cases of retained placenta.
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such outstanding men as: Dr. Joseph Messey, Dr. William Klinman,
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there was no swelling of the glands. I slundd not say that
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nals of this character upon the nitrous oxide or " laughing
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iTIONS; Not for use in the eyes or in the external ear canal
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sixty thousand dollars for every dozen years' prac-
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found, an incision is to be made through the coats of the gullet
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One of these distempered men is Dr. J. A. Octerlony, of Louis-
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sacrifice selfish purposes for the general good. The time has