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1 . Propranolol in the treatment of essential hypertension. Veterans
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all communications from them which required his action were made
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regarded only the eruption on the forearms, hands, legs, and feet, it would
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to an end, and necessitate the provision of fresh acid.
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•• unaccountable " changes of purpose, or of emotional
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tions of arsenic jKjisoning, and I sent different parts of
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before for a long time, her disease was considerably advanced before any
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degree, of the spleen. For three days there was anuria ; then urine
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colon. This is best accomplished by opening the peritoneum on the outer
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the medulla of foetal life. In speaking of excision of the upi)er jaw. Dr.
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due to the necessities of the business rather than to a sudden
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without producing turbidity, non-virulent for guinea pigs, injected into rabbits
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blister was applied, and he was purged with temporary relief.
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doses, both of belladonna and nux vomica may be given in
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of the heavy. British musket ball, 16 (14J?) to the pound, on the
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coverage to detoxification centers and approved residential treat-
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17. The action of digitalis in pneumonia, /. Exp. Med., 1917, xxv, 65 (with
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early adult life, and is characterized by muscular twitch-
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received twelve doses of 0.15 gm. each in twenty-four hours; temperature fell by
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sumptions as those considered, they are still wholly inadequate to account for
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fixation or neutralization of antibodies is due to the presence of bacteria
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roots in medicine, but I have two very special parents and a brother, and that's all I need. We start
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(Neurosurgery), New York Hospital. B.S. 1979, Boston
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addition to the University of Maryland Hospital (circa 1934) and the old building razed.
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in verrucose tuberculosis ; the central zone was a fibrous scar.