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result of this procedure, all the symptoms were ameliorated ; but with the
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sixth day the skiagram shown was taken. The foreign body was
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contrasted with a shadow involving the entire left lung. Now, as at
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with four times the quantity of pure water. This may be ap-
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Various authors have shown that after castration simi-
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heart beats are such that they can be hearjd several yards away.
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completed, as it was found that the small amount of funds left
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perhaps been drained, but the appendix has not ever been ligated, and
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which came on suddenly and at irregular intervals, lasting sometimes
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formed who Soyer was, and that his mission was to make people live
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and cmmenagogue. It is mostly given in the form of a
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forward. In the nature of things, eng^ic results demand long
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Center for Environmental Health and Injury Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, and
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On rocky ledges near the summit of Laramie Peak, August 7,
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character of mind. But to the practitioner of medicine, the para-
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interesting, as it contains a tabulated statement of the various
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the incidence of the fever in a division in Prance between April,
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eral paralysis, has been struck especially by the fact
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these is an analysis by Snow of all the fatal cases whicli had
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arranged so as to show their condition at each year of the animal's
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pancreas, on the other hand, are capable only of carrying the decompo-
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' pellets ' indifferently : I have not met with the term ' bullet ' in his
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right side and kept as far back as possible. The oper-
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mon carotid or internal carotid artery, although there is be-
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